Business Phone Systems

We custom design your Business Phone System with call menus, after-hours divers, call options, voicemail, diverts to mobile, etc according to your company call flow requirement. You will never miss a call.

Digital Business Phone System delivers advanced telephone features for your small business, stylishly design the call flow to never miss a call, better communicate with your customers, and significant savings in call costs. Multiple Extension, Music on Hold, Automated Greeting, Interactive Voice Responds, Voicemail, Voicemail 2 Email, Call Drivers, After-hours Diverts are some of the core features of this system.

Investing in a business phone system makes a lot of sense.

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How much does your phone system cost?

We custom design each and every PBX Phone system. Some solutions with onsite servers. Some solutions are Cloud Based. Although our PBX Systems are highly scale-able, the number of initial extensions required for a business impact the initial investment cost. Therefore, cost of a Business Phone System varies due to these reasons from one business to another.

For example, a Basic cloud PBX Phone System for a small business with x2 Extensions (Ext201 & Ext 202) starts from $77 a month. This phone system setup includes x2 Polycom handsets, call flow according to your business, voice greeting (IVR) setup, group ringing, voicemail 2 email, music on hold, call divers. We monitor and support your phone system throughout the life-time you choose to have the system online.

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